The Ethereal Art of Mosaics

The ancient art of mosaic are most beautiful and durable among all  art forms. Some ancient Roman mosaics are still standing in it's full glory afer 25,00 years. One can feast our eyes on the 2000 years old colorful and vibrant mosaics of the Byzentine times in Europe and Near East even today  

As an artist I have dealt with many mediums, but mosaics are by far my most favorite. Like most children, I too had a treasure chest filled with interesting and shiny objects with unique colors and textures. I have channeled this fascination into creating mosaic art and using these treasures to create unique dimensions to my art. My favorite mosaic materials are stained glass, stone and smalti bringing me closer in spirit to all those mosaic artists of yore who created the brilliant mosaics from Italy to Morocco; and in a million other mosaic manna.

Sumukha Mosaic Art